Hello everyone my name is Jimi Lee Weijers and I am currently studying Game Art at Sint Lucas college in Eindhoven.

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I am 22 years old and will turn 23 on the 10th of September , my hobbies are drawing,photoshopping,gaming,doing sports and hanging out with friends and family.

My dream and ambition is to become a game artist, I love drawing and I also like gaming so I thought why can’t I combine those two hobby’s of mine.

I’ve always liked making art, I still got a lot to improve but i’m pretty happy with the progress i’m making.

My main focus is on 2d art but this year I also started discovering 3d modeling and its so much fun as well to see your ideas come to life in a game as an 3d object.

In the next school season I will start a internship around the 3th of September. I hope with the making of this website,my art,personality,being studious and hard work I will find the right place where I can evolve myself to become a better game artist.

I will end my introduction right here, if u have anything to notice or if you want to contact me check the info in the About me at the top of my page.

Take a look around and have fun!